The Iluminando Program

What is Iluminando?

  • Iluminando el Camino para un Futuro Mejor (Lighting the Way to a Better Future) is  a domestic violence prevention program to help religious leaders and community advocates work together.
  • The project trains teams of extension agents and other local professionals and paraprofessionals across North Carolina. These teams will leave with materials and resources to help them in their practice with families and make possible outreach to local church leaders who may be interested in domestic violence prevention and intervention activities in their churches and communities.
  • Funding has helped in the development of a curriculum which provides information to Latino clergy on creating community groups for women and men, outreach opportunities, couple counseling, messages to reduce the likelihood of abuse in their congregations. The program was introduced to promotoras (Latino home-visit social workers), extension staff, and other partners across the state via three regional workshops in the fall of 2009. From these three train-the-trainer workshops, programs will be developed in Latino congregations in 20 counties of North Carolina, to help clergy prevent and deal with domestic violence in their communities.

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Funding for this project was provided by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and North Carolina State University Faculty Research and Professional Development Fund


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